Sue Kemp

FIRST CLASS SERVICE Andover Framing is an amazing little shop full with a huge variety of pictures, limited edition prints etc including some lovely works by local artists and every time I visit there is always a new display to behold, truly a 'feast' for the eyes. What really makes this place a true favourite of mine is the people, they are so friendly and I alway feel welcome the moment I step over the threshold into the shop. 
I took them an old, fairly decrepit and very creased Map of Snowdonia which I wanted framed as a present, they were truly fantastic they took time to explain the choice of processes, methods & materials that were available, which really did help me make a choice on how the finish Map would look once framed. I will always be grateful for their advice when it came to me choosing the actual Frame finish (believe me there is a huge range to choose from) .......25 mins later I'd made my decision, sincerely thank you lovely people for your never ending patience. 
When I went back to collect the finished article it had exceeded all my expectations, what lay beneath the glass was the most beautifully uncreassed Map, it looked absolutely stunning. 
I can honestly say Andover Framings customer service is second to none, they even texted me to let me know my order was ready for collection. Brilliant Service, Lovely People, Excellent Value and I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend them to anyone looking to have anything framed.