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How much will it cost to frame my picture?

The cost will depend upon a number of factors but if you email using the contact form then we can send you a quote. We need a few details including the size of the item, width and height and style of frame that you would like. You might want an oak frame for example or just the cheapest option, but let us know if you have any “special” requests as it might need 3D framing or special glass for UV protection or antiglare properties.

How long will it take to frame my picture?

Bespoke framing takes up to 2 weeks. Our Express framing option often means we can frame within 24 hrs when we have the moulding in stock, even if we have to special order it can often be complete within 3 days. Express framing charge is £7.50 per item sized A4 or smaller and £9.50 per item larger than A4. We also sell Standard sized frames off the shelf. All the frames are made here and of the highest quality. Should your picture fit straight in then it will take about 10 mins to frame your work if you need a mount cut to make your picture fit then it will take about 20 mins. We don’t charge for fitting your picture so it can often be the fastest and cheapest way of framing.


Measuring in inches: 6x4, 6x6, 7x5, 8x6, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x10, A4, 14x11, 16x12, A3, 20x16, 24x20, 30x20, 36x24. Prices start from £4.00 for a 6x4 up to £75.00 for the largest giant poster size 36x24.

What sort of glass do you use?

Often we finish your picture with plain picture glass BUT there are a number of options. If you are hanging the picture near a light source we offer 2 types of anti-reflective glass. Should you need to protect against UV damage then we have a glass that will stop fading. All these options are more expensive than normal picture glass, please email your sizes and we can send a quote.

Can I have Perspex?

Yes we can finish a picture frame with Perspex rather than glass, it is popular for safety reasons in public places and where weight is an issue. It is a more expensive option than plain picture glass, please email with your sizes and we will email quote back to you.

What is the largest item that you can frame?

2.8m long x 1.3m high including the frame is the biggest that we can frame. If your work is bigger then it will have to go to an industrial framers. Just email your sizes and we can send a quote.

Do I have to pay all the cost up front?

For bespoke framing we take a deposit of 50% when the work is left with us. Take-away frames have to be paid in full immediately.

Will my picture be safe with you? Is it insured?

Whether worth thousands of pounds or of sentimental value we treat all of our customers work with the same care and attention. You do have to leave your item with us but it will not leave the premises. We use only conservation quality products to ensure the work is protected from any damage from the framing process. Andover framing is fully insured. You can be confident that your work stays on the premises at all times and will be treated with the utmost care.

Will my picture be ready to hang on the wall?

All frames are finished with cord ready to hang, if you have a smaller picture we can also make it ready to stand.

Are your frames made of wood?

Bespoke framing offers over 500 frames styles and colours, 430 of them are made of wood. The other frames are made of a plastic core, this does not compromise the design or quality and often makes the price cheaper.

Can you frame a needle work?

Yes, here at Andover Framing we don’t just frame art on paper. Have a look at our gallery of photos on this site to see the range of items that we can frame. Needle works, cross-stitches and tapestries are regularly framed here along with batiks, canvases, art on silk, glass and tree bark.

Can you frame a football shirt?

Yes, framing a sports shirts start at £150. If you require extras like photos, tickets, caption or plaque then please email for a quote. See the gallery of photos for the sports shirts framed by Andover Framing for some ideas. Then give us a call.

Can you frame multiple items?

Yes, we just cut a mount with multiple windows to accommodate your pictures, photos and memorabilia. Email for a price.

Can you frame a 3D item?

Yes we can. 3D framing is offered with both bespoke and standard frames, bring your item in and we can quote you a price.

Can you stretch a canvas?

Yes we can stretch your canvas making it ready to hang on your wall, email your sizes and we will email you a quote.

Can you frame double sided?

Yes, have a look at the gallery of photos for the double sided framed pieces. Email for a quote.

What sort of mount colours do you offer?

Over 100 colours hopefully will offer you the exact colour you are looking for. These colours are always held in stock.

Can you cut an oval mount?

Yes, in fact we can cut any shape of mount window you like, including lettering. We use the most up to date computerised mount cutting machine here in the shop. We also offer jumbo sized mount board so hopefully we can supply the mount that you require. Email your sizes and design you would like cutting and we can give you a price.

Do you mount and frame medals?

Yes, have a look at the medals gallery page here on the website for different design options.

Can I add a presentation caption or a brass plaque?

Yes, for presentation purposes we can, either cut a caption window and computer print your text or add a brass or silver coloured plaque to the mount.